Video Production For Non-Profits: A Step-By-Step Guide To Guidestar

If you are looking to take your video production skills to a non-profit and do a little videography work with that non-profit in your backyard, then I highly recommend you take a quick look at Guidestar first.

Today, let’s demystify the tax forms that a non-profit has to file every year, so that you can learn an easy, step-by-step process for deciding if you want to do video production for them.

At the end, I'll have a bonus tutorial for you so you are equipped to handle the guaranteed question you'll face with non-profits (and penny-pinching businesses) "Can you discount your work?" or "Can do this for half as much?"

Video Production: Hire A Virtual Assistant Through Upwork To Find Videography Clients Right Now

Today, we are gonna take a look at how to use Upwork to help you land more video work by recruiting a quality freelancer to save time and money in between film and video projects.

And if you stick around, there is a bundle of goods for you to get a quick jumpstart on finding more clients that's fast and easy.

All of us want to tell amazing, engaging, authentic stories of hope, truth, love, forgiveness, redemption, etc. without being cheesy. Don't get me wrong; we all want to do that.

In between projects, every single one of us has to be doing one of the following:

Video Production: How To Cold Pitch PROSPECTs Like A Champ

Today, you're going to learn a new, not-so-easy way to cold pitch video clients, so pay attention budding filmmakers and videographers!


That's right.

If you want to blast hundreds of emails and get zero response, march on drummer boy. 

If you want to send fewer emails, land quality clients and 

  • learn leadership
  • get a better grip on budgeting
  • cast vision
  • fine-tune your pitching
  • and get paid without racing to the bottom

then here's a detailed approach you can start right now in your video production. Everyone wants to be the next Hitchcock or the next Kubrick, but that doesn't come on a silver platter. 

If you want to tell stories of hope, love, forgiveness, _________________, you need to beef up your sweat equity!

Video Production: The Best Ways This Side Of The Mississip To Find AND VERIFY Emails

Today, I'm going to teach you the best ways to find emails to anyone that you want to reach out to.

And if you stick around, I’ll have a video walkthrough for you because this jungle of tricks and gadgets can be a little disorienting your first time using them to find an email.

This technique (or rather, set of techniques) works if you are trying to find new video clients to cold pitch, it works if you are trying to find new guests for your podcast, and it works if you are trying to find Your 93-year-old grandmother who got an email back when Windows 95 was King but she never used it ‘til now.

These techniques are easy, but they are not always quick when you do several of them at once to find one person’s email.

Slackers be warned!

Bury your lip service, don’t make up excuses, and go make Jack Canfield proud.

Total time to find an email: 1-5 mins

Video Production: Pick A Niche And Stick With It

This is so critical.

Right now if you are reading this, I don't want you to read for 13 seconds and then disappear. If you are a budding filmmaker or video producer then you are a microbudget filmmaker. Today you're going to pick one area - just ONE NICHE - that you can take your gifts and go serve others with and get paid to do it. It's quick and it's absolutely necessary for you to grow to the point you’re directing Hollywood-level movies and signing deals with Netflix. 

We don’t need another “Netflix” or “Lifeway.” We need to get off our butts, pick up the camera, cast vision, enable and empower our people, and go share the good news through this little ole medium known as film (and do it without being cheesy).