Microbudget Filmmakers and Video Producers: DOn'T DO THESE LAZY CAT MOVES IN YOUR SALES PITCHES

This is really simple gang: when you are reaching out to clients (new ones - aka "cold" convo's - or you're maintaining ole relationships, that is anything that's not cold), be sure to put in the time to do a few easy steps in bridging the gaps. 

If your sole job as a movie director is to inspire, communicate, and lead, then that middle part definitely starts here, in the weeds of video production - long before you ever yell action on a set with 100's of crew and cast members.

You dig?


You've probably heard of Seed&Spark by now.

If not, then I've got a quick, easy primer that you can go through right now to get a mental jumpstart on your next film / video crowdfunding project. 

They are built FOR filmmakers and their cut is reasonable (though by no means better than Tilt).

Very quickly: 

  • 80% or more is what you need to raise to be "greenlit" - KS wants all or nothing, Indiegogo doesn't care what you raise
  • Low fees, with the option for supporters to bear part of the fees
  • You can itemize what you would like funds for (like a new camera body or lens)
  • People don't have to contribute $$$; followers are just as important to every project

Light fare there. Now for the main course. Buckle up. This will blow your hair back. 

Video Production: Get Paid Today With Paypal.Me

My fellow microbudget filmmaker, if you do any kind of video production in between projects, and if you find yourself scrambling to get paid, here's a tool I like and highly recommend. You can even get paid right away, as in today. It's quick for your client, and it's easy for you. 

So easy in fact, I had to write a quick take on it to disarm any mental barriers to trying yet another new gizmo on the web.



Don't already have a Paypal account? Get one.

Client doesn't have an account? They can easily create one, en route to paying you. Create your link to get paid and share that turkey. 

At the end of the post, I'll walk you through how to get paid with Paypal, even if your client doesn't have a Paypal account (and/or refuses to get one).

FILMMAKERS: What you need to know about an NDA AND CREATIVE COMMONS-ING

Today my fellow microbudget filmmakers, it's time to learn everything you need to know about an Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA). It's quick, easy, and exactly what you need right now when you need or want to share information with someone, and you don't want that someone to blurt out the information to someone else. 

And don't panic - if you want/need an NDA to use in your film and video journey, stay tuned for the bonus upgrade at the end.

If A = you (the filmmaker slash video producer), and B = the person you want to share with, and C = a third party, then you want this relationship:

A~B & ¬(B~C)

Then we'll dive into a little mail and talk about CC0, Sharealike, and other Creative Commons goodness in your videos & short and feature films.

Ready to dive in?

Video Production: More PLACES To Find Prospects if you're broke as a joke


Video producers and budding filmmakers, lend me your eyeballs!

We've already talked a great deal about what to do when you're fishing for prospects.

If you haven't already, there's a guide on what to do once you have your list of prospects or even one way you can find more prospects.

However, if you are super broke as a joke, then you can do this manually. That's what we're going to talk about today. These are easy ways to find prospects in your backyard that you can practice your pitching skills to and also practice your filmmaking and more importantly, have a chance to serve THEM.

Ready to dive in? For those of you that want more - smurfs are blue - stick around to the end for the bonus.