Video Production: Find More Clients With MeetupS IN YOUR BACKYARD

Video Production: Find More Clients With MeetupS IN YOUR BACKYARD

That's right. More. Clients. In. Your. (Figurative) Backyard.

Unless you're a budding filmmaker in Casper, WY, you'll have a big city near-ish to you. And that big city is rife with people who need video production. And 2018 is yet another new year where even more businesses and brands will have to net attention with video.

Forget weddings, birthdays, and music videos - go for the businesses right in your backyard by pitching your services as a video producer. It'll put some grit in you as you level up as a filmmaker.

And after an experiment in December (of 2017), I found the best conversions were by meeting people in person. Call it networking. Call it a meetup. Call it a shindig - I don't care. Get out, make new friends, be a servant leader. 

VIDEO PRODUCERS: What Do I Charge? Give Your Client An Exact Quote In The First Chat (Updated for 2018)

VIDEO PRODUCERS: What Do I Charge? Give Your Client An Exact Quote In The First Chat (Updated for 2018)

Fellow budding filmmakers and video producers, I know your pain when it comes to price-sensitive shoppers in need of video production. I also know speed is a currency in this new digital economy. You don't want to waste the client's time or yours when it comes to quoting your services. 

Our work in videos is extremely mathematical (as far the time goes), right down to the time spent color-grading and backing up footage in the cloud. After this post and its sequel post, I fully intend to equip you with the know-how to compute your quotes at the drop of a hat. 

Small Business Owners: How To Shoot With Only Your Phone - And Why You Don't Need An Expensive Video

The SBA reports there are 23 million small businesses in America with only one person. That’s 23 million one-man-bands where the owner is the operator. If that’s you, you don’t need me or any other video producer. You do need, however, to bury the excuses and use that pocket-sized movie camera to shoot some videos of you and your business! In this post, I’m going to explain how you can use that nifty little phone to record decent videos and why you need to be doing this.

For those who need more, I’ve got a promotional video with your yours truly, shot with nothing more than my iphone. You can study it, emulate it, and then shoot your own video. I’ll also send you a list of 20 different ideas for what to shoot because let’s face it – you may be rusty in front of a camera! Stick around ‘til the end for the bonuses!

Producers: Creative Ways To Followup

It’s a given that you should call. And text if you have their cell. Email is easy, and can just as easily be filtered (i.e. never read).

To stay in front of your prospect, as a budding microbudget filmmaker, you need to flex your creativity because you're obscure. You and I don't exist. There are 45,000+ businesses in your backyard. You and I are blips. Savvy? 

How can you serve them with a creative, visual masterpiece if you yourself can’t commit to serving them, which means following up with them, and engaging them through multiple, creative channels? Video producers and filmmakers - be creative! Don’t be a slacker McFly!


Fellow filmmakers, if you're dabbling in video production, you'll be pitching your services to old geezers and young entrepreneurs and everyone in between. The barber shop down the road without an Instagram page? They're a tough sell. The digital marketer downtown who does SEO, Facebook ads, Adwords, website design, etc. can't possibly be great at everything. So sell them on the beauty, utility, and ROI of video!

Business owners, you need video. It's 2017. It's not 2003. Your buyers want to see who you are, what your service or product is, and they want to window-shop from home. A page full of text may have worked in 2003, but as Dylan mused, the times they are a changin'. Face the music, you shoot videos of yourself and your family on the weekends. Your buyers do too! It's a powerful tool! People believe what they see, not what they hear, and people love video!

Filmmakers, you have ample opportunities to take your God-given passion for film and video to the businesses right in you backyard. They win with a video, and you win with more experience. Comb through this list, find the facts that resonate with your prospects/clients, and learn your pitches. Sell people on the value you bring them. Don't cut prices to accommodate the tire-kickers.

Microbudgeters, stick around 'til the end. There's a BONUS for you that'll give you some inspiration and models to study in crafting your pitch, communicating your value, and more.

Let's begin.