Diego Contreras - Inspire Others - Ep. 76: Filmmaker

Diego Contreras has quite a resume under his belt. 

And he's not afraid to go and find the stories of hope, redemption, and faith - bold stories of the underdogs who fearlessly follow the King. 

Check out "The Sandman" below. 

Do you know how painfully exhaustive his treatments are? 

You have to see this. The level of attention to detail is mind-boggling, and if you want to grow as a filmmaker and manager larger crews and larger budgets to reach larger groups of people, you need to grow. 

Microbudget Fimmakers: One Way To Get Your Story On Netflix

Microbudget filmmakers and budding filmmakers alike, this is an interview with Derek Hammeke (who was on season 1 of the Go Boldly podcast). He made a feature documentary called Finding Home, and just this past August, it made its way onto Netflix. If you too aspire to get a story on Netflix, you're in the right place. Being a guy who wants to land 10 Netflix deals and teach 100,000 others how to as well (30+ million subs means there's a golden opportunity to reach people), I had to bug him for an interview. 

Great guy that he is, he said yupp.

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