Filmmakers who do video production: five questions when prospecting (UPDATED FOR 2019)

If you're a microbudget filmmaker like me, you want to tell stories of hope that 

  • won't be cheesy
  • have meaning
  • actually reach people
  • remind them there is such a thing as unconditional love


En route to getting there, you end up doing video production to serve others and grow as a leader and as a filmmaker. 

And while you're doing video production, in the prospecting and qualifying stages of any video production relationship, you have to ask questions. 


I've lost deals and destroyed potential opportunities because I didn't ask enough questions. You probably have too.

Ask questions. Questions get people talking. 

Microbudget Filmmakers and Video Producers: DON'T DO THESE LAZY CAT MOVES IN YOUR SALES PITCHES (UPDATED FOR 2019)

Microbudget Filmmakers and Video Producers: DON'T DO THESE LAZY CAT MOVES IN YOUR SALES PITCHES (UPDATED FOR 2019)

This is really simple gang: when you are reaching out to clients (new ones - aka "cold" convo's - or you're maintaining ole relationships, that is anything that's not cold), be sure to put in the time to do a few easy steps in bridging the gaps. 

If your sole job as a movie director is to inspire, communicate, and lead, then that middle part definitely starts here, in the weeds of video production - long before you ever yell action on a set with 100's of crew and cast members.

You dig?

BOOK: The No Budget Guide To Filmmaking

BOOK: The No Budget Guide To Filmmaking

Indie filmmaker? No-budget filmmaker? Low-budget filmmaker? Microbudget Filmmaker? Part of a church video production team? Videographer and a starving artist? I've been asked a lot - how do you make a video? Can you help with my videos? Or more generally for those starting out, what do I do? If you're that guy or gal wondering what to do with the latent skills and passions the Almighty has given you (whether film or video production), then this book is for you. This is the first part of the No Budget Guide To Filmmaking: The 30-Step Guide For Low-Budget Filmmakers Who Wanna Learn To Do Other Stuff Good Too.

Filmmakers: Best Video Ads To Share With Your Clients

Today, we're going to take a quick look at the best of the best video ads and other stirring short pieces of digital celluloid (imho... as they say) that you can share with your video clients. If you're a budding filmmaker, you have to have some samples that you can share when you pitch people. After all, "Everybody, including coaches, dentists, household executives, ministers, builders, etc., sells and everything is selling," as the good Zig Ziglar said.