The No-Budget Guide To Filmmaking: The 30-Step Guide For Low-Budget Filmmakers, Church Video Production, And Other Artists

Indie filmmaker? No-budget filmmaker? Low-budget filmmaker? Part of a church video production team? Videographer and a starving artist? I've been asked a lot lately - how do you make a video? Can you help with my videos? Or more generally, what do I do? If you're that guy or gal wondering what to do with the latent skills and passions the Almighty has given you (whether film or video production, dance, poetry, or any craft, but this guide is primarily for film and video), then this book is for you. This is the first part of the No Budget Guide To Filmmaking: The 30-Step Guide For Low-Budget Filmmakers, Church Video Production, And Other Artists Who Wanna Learn To Do Other Stuff Good Too.

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      What aspiring auteur doesn't want to make their own film? Their own video? It's that dream, that passion, existing from a very young age that says go for it. Do you remember when you were young and you fashioned entire universes around matchsticks and straws? Where did that creative bone go? Why is it dormant? We all have a purpose - hope - we're not just floating aimlessly through life. It doesn't matter if you've been in lockup, or you've been through a divorce, or if you're an orphan - all of us are meant to create, be it art, music, dance, furniture made out of cardboard, etc.  

      I realized at a very young age that I want to make movies. What I didn't know then was just how accessible the tools would be to do it in the 21st century. Any of us can buy a consumer camera off the shelf without the checkbook of a major Hollywood studio. All it takes is a little courage, a supportive team, a little imagination, and a burning desire to yell “ACTION!”  

      What I will attempt to do over the course of this book is pare down the essentials to getting your rear off the couch and into high gear to start following that dream in 30 chapters. Ask yourself this - today, do I want to consume or do I want to create? You were made in the image of the Ultimate Creator. Choose to create. I'm far from where I want to be, making a dent in this world for the Kingdom of Heaven through media, yet my calling is finally underway. I've still got oodles to learn - don’t we all - but I'm thankful to say the journey has begun. Without further ado, let's get some inspiration behind you so you can go out and start creating that short video, that church video, that stop-motion-animation short film, or even that first full-length feature film. 



Las Vegas

I want to encourage others and bring honor to the Almighty in everything that I do with film and video. My goal is to take the first 11 minutes of my tv pilot and seek out decision-makers who can further the conversation about developing it into a show. If my team and I can do that, then we can teach 100,000 other microbudget filmmakers how to do the same thing so that we might tell stories of hope to millions. In the meantime, I'm a son of the King, a family man, a lifelong student of film, and the author of two microbudget filmmaking books.