Kingdom Worker


Yes. Jobs. But more than that. Church Films will grow under God's guidance. It will reach untold multitudes, and it will be a family, not just a place for employment.

If you need a 9-5 to clock into every day, you're better off stopping right now.

I mean it.

Move along.

Otherwise, here are volunteer positions that will turn into W2 jobs.

Everyone that has helped this ministry thus far has done so as a volunteer.

When the time comes, I'd rather hire someone who believes in the why and the what more than the paycheck.

If these jobs are still listed on this page, they are still open.

The most basic qualifications are

  • Love God
  • Love People
  • Can volunteer for an indefinite amount of time

If you are savvy with those, read on or take a shortcut:

I - Jacob (Jake) Keenum - am a cofounder in this ministry, but as of right now, I am a volunteer.

Everything I do for this ministry is as a volunteer. I don't take home a dime from this, and I won't for some time. 

Does that scare you?

The hours are long, and the pay could double today and still be the exact same amount as it was yesterday, but this will grow.

If you have a burning passion for Jesus, if you love encouraging others, and if you want to see EVERYONE have the Gospel in the palms of their hands with the click of a button, then read on.

If you believe there is hope, and that hope is in Jesus Christ, and you haven't quit reading yet, keep going.

If you realize the Christian life is not about comfort, but rather it's full of disruption, then you're in good company. 

If you feel a sense of urgency for sharing the Gospel through fiction, through documentaries, through music and art - don't stop reading. 

If you can solve problems and can talk to people, good.

All levity aside, solve this riddle in the picture. 

If you can't hack it, don't join a startup. 

A startup requires independence. Grit. Problem-solving. There is no hand-holding, and if you need it, move along.


I pray daily for a cofounder and the first employee, and both of them have to be tough and willing to fight discouragement, doubt, and even criticism and rejection from other followers of Christ.

What?! Christians can be critical or tell me to shove off?

You bet. Because they're people too.

And not all criticism is bad.

If you've got grit, and if you value relationship over task, then by all means, read on.

1) Cofounder

Do you trust Jesus? I mean REALLY trust Him?

Do you trust yourself to run a company?

Good. Looking for a 401k plan? Church Films can't offer one yet.

Do you want to see American churches (all 300,000+) have quality visual media with the click of a button?

If you can work into the evenings, weekends, and holidays knowing your peers are at home watching reruns of The Office, and if you can support yourself for a stretch, let's chat.

This needs to be a calling. If you're looking to "try things out," then please, move along.

I left my benefits and W2 job at a mega church for this startup, and I had a baby on the way. 

I'm all in 'til I'm six under because this is the gap God put on my heart.

Talk to your spouse. Talk to your kids. More importantly, talk to the Almighty.

Then, let's talk.

2) Marketing Manager

Do you realize that no matter how polished a video is, without marketing, it falls on deaf ears?

The same can be said of sermons.

Or podcasts.

Or anything on the web.

If we don't leverage the marketing tools that God has given us, we're wildly ineffective.

This too is a volunteer position in the early days of this bootstrapped startup.

Are you creative? Use the contact form and answer this challenge: 

If you had $15, how would you market a newly published blog post to 50 different, relevant readers who might share the article?

3) Virtual Admin

This one is by far the easiest to do remotely.

Email management. Calendar management. Customer Service. 

Blah blah blah.

Can you type an email?

Are you willing to learn?

And more importantly, do you pray every day to value people like God values them? 

If you approach every conversation (by phone, Skype, in-person, etc.) with that attitude, then you can be an VA (virtual admin).

Let's test-drive.

If you receive an email asking for a free .pdf that's promised to a subscriber on the Church Films newsletter, and they are indeed a subscriber but they didn't get the .pdf, you respond with:

  1. An apology with the attached .pdf
  2. A video message in the email with the attached .pdf
  3. A video message with a link directing them to the download they need
  4. A link to download the .pdf and the .pdf is attached to the email itself

Then, let's talk.

4) Bookkeeper

This ministry is growing.

The email newsletter is growing. 

The site gets thousands of views a month.

Ideally, this would be a great fit for a freelance bookkeeper or accountant who is looking to work with churches and nonprofits.

I can offer exposure for your services. 

Solve this riddle Batman:

Church Films sells a used camera to a ministry after 6 months of use for $1100. The retail value of the camera new is $1,299.99. How do you enter this in the books?

5) Social Media Manager

If you know where this graph comes from, let's chat.

I started off on every major channel: YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Google Plus. Oh, and Pinterest.

I even tried Vine... for a day.

I can't do it all. And neither should this ministry as it grows. 

Right now, YouTube is a pack mule for CF videos (both impromptu and more polished ones).

The Facebook account is floundering. 

The Twitter account is stagnant.

I am no longer posting to Google Plus or Vimeo.

The one account that I personally focus on is Instagram.

I want Church Films to focus on Instagram and Facebook, and use YouTube to be a storage container.

Can you cultivate meaningful conversations with people on Instagram and Facebook?

6) Podcast Support

This one will take some time.

There are lots of odds and ends to learn.

Here's a roadmap:

  1. Finding podcast interviewees
  2. Scheduling interviewees
  3. Editing podcasts
  4. Following up with interviewees with links to share their podcasts

Steps 1 and 2 require a great deal of patience and grace.

Step 3 is teachable.

Step 4 is a must.

And to prove Step 2 is teachable, here's your exercise.

I use Skype to record my podcast interviewees. I use a mic and a Zoom H4n recorder to capture my audio.

What plugin for Skype fires up every time I boot up Skype and automatically starts recording my conversations? 

If you can answer that, you're teachable. 

Pray. Reread the parable of the talents. God doesn't always give you a booming voice that says "Go, my beloved son, and do good." Sometimes, you just have to ask for faith and take a plunge. If these jobs are still posted, they are still open. Let's talk.