Video Production: X Things That Will Drive You Bananas When Creating A Video For Someone

Video Production: X Things That Will Drive You Bananas When Creating A Video For Someone

Today, we’re going to reflect on all the wild and wonderful things our prospects and clients do that just drive us bonkers. So, if you’re new to video production, I recommend starting here and here. Then read this post so you can see the warning signs on the road and learn how to react. You can’t always control how other people will treat you, but you sure can control how you treat others. Remember the golden rule here, Bubs, and go serve your video production prospects/clients right now with a big ole smile!

Bonus: Stick around after the show for a free performance by Limozeeeen! Actually, I’ve got a guide for you that will walk you through, A-Z, everything you need to start your own video business from scratch. Because clients that drive you bananas are just the tip of the iceberg; you’ll deal with non-profits who want to undercut your services, payment processors who want their cut, and the interminable question: what do I charge my clients? All this and more in the bonus section.

Do’s and don’t’s when applying for film/video work

Fellow microbudget filmmakers, at some point (if you don’t quit, you eat your veggies, say a prayer or two, etc.) you’ll gain enough experience behind a camera (whether editing, directing, motion graphics, etc.) you’ll be ready/able to land a job. Maybe on a film set. Maybe as a video producer for Uncle Bob’s Auto. Maybe as a wedding videographer. There are so many niches you can pick with film and video. The sky’s the limit, really.

Question is… what the heck do you do when you’re trying to land those jobs/gigs? What about what NOT to do?

Video Production: How To Spot A Tire Kicker FROM A Mile Away

Fellow microbudget filmmakers, today is a post for all of us who do video production on occasion, on the side, or downright full-time. A “tire kicker” is an old car sales term. If someone walks onto a lot, asks boat-loads of questions, then doesn’t buy, they’re a “tire kicker.” Shoot, we kinda did this in motor pool with Uncle Sam; when we (mechanics) were assessing the vehicle to be repaired, we’d walk around and literally kick the tires; sometimes it was perfunctory, sometimes it was deliberate.

I want you to be able to spot a tire kicker right away, save yourself time and spare yourself the headache of dealing with one. Tire kickers - while I’m all for what Jesus and even folks like MLK Jr and Gandhi preached and practiced (love) - are folks you can steer clear of without being a turd. You can say to them with confidence, “move along - I’m not the droid you’re looking for.”

Bonus: would you rather watch and learn this information through a video? Scroll to the bottom fellow microbudgeter.