Video Production: How To Spot A Tire Kicker FROM A Mile Away

Fellow microbudget filmmakers, today is a post for all of us who do video production on occasion, on the side, or downright full-time. A “tire kicker” is an old car sales term. If someone walks onto a lot, asks boat-loads of questions, then doesn’t buy, they’re a “tire kicker.” Shoot, we kinda did this in motor pool with Uncle Sam; when we (mechanics) were assessing the vehicle to be repaired, we’d walk around and literally kick the tires; sometimes it was perfunctory, sometimes it was deliberate.

I want you to be able to spot a tire kicker right away, save yourself time and spare yourself the headache of dealing with one. Tire kickers - while I’m all for what Jesus and even folks like MLK Jr and Gandhi preached and practiced (love) - are folks you can steer clear of without being a turd. You can say to them with confidence, “move along - I’m not the droid you’re looking for.”

Bonus: would you rather watch and learn this information through a video? Scroll to the bottom fellow microbudgeter.