The Top 8 And The Best Of The Best Faith-Based Videos and Films From 2014 To 2015

Think all faith-based videos, movies, and films are cheesy, flush with bad acting and poor production values? You're wrong. You don't have to settle for another campy Pure Flix movie. These are the top 8, the best of the best in Christian, Spirit-breathed videos, films, and movies. The feature-length movies are next. These guys are some of the finest in the faith-based filmmaking world, using their God-given visual storytelling talents to creatively share the message of hope that we have in Jesus.

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1. Hillsong Conference Trailer 2015 from Hillsong Film and Tv

Experimental - 2:08

Subject: Conference Promo

2. Hillsong Conference 2016 Trailer from Hillsong Film and Tv

Experimental - 2:48

Subject: Conference Promo

3. Seek Him First from Ezra Cohen

Experimental - 2:57

Subject: Men's Ministry

4. The Force Of Grace from Elevation Church

Experimental - 2:57

Subject: Easter Promo

5. For You from Matti Haapoja

Experimental - 2:13

Subject: Identity In Christ

6. The Foremost from Moving Works

Documentary - 43:25

Subject: Forgiveness

7. Loving Noah from Moving Works

Documentary - 5:40

Subject: Sacrificial Love

8. The Burning Bush from Elevation Church

Narrative - 9:50

Subject: Brokenness

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Jake the film guy

I want to encourage others and bring honor to the Almighty in everything that I do with film and video. My goal is to take the first 11 minutes of my tv pilot and seek out decision-makers who can further the conversation about developing it into a show. If my team and I can do that, then we can teach 100,000 other microbudget filmmakers how to do the same thing so that we might tell stories of hope to millions. In the meantime, I'm a son of the King, a family man, a lifelong student of film, and the author of two microbudget filmmaking books.