Producers: Creative Ways To Followup

It’s a given that you should call. And text if you have their cell. Email is easy, and can just as easily be filtered (i.e. never read).

To stay in front of your prospect, as a budding microbudget filmmaker, you need to flex your creativity because you're obscure. You and I don't exist. There are 45,000+ businesses in your backyard. You and I are blips. Savvy? 

How can you serve them with a creative, visual masterpiece if you yourself can’t commit to serving them, which means following up with them, and engaging them through multiple, creative channels? Video producers and filmmakers - be creative! Don’t be a slacker McFly!

Podcasts: Season 1 of the Go Boldly Podcast

Download all of season 1's chats with budding filmmakers, established filmmakers, and other artists that in some way, shape, or form, could be connected to the world of film/video and/or they're trying to follow Jesus. 

Filmmakers: Best Video Ads To Share With Your Clients

Today, we're going to take a quick look at the best of the best video ads and other stirring short pieces of digital celluloid (imho... as they say) that you can share with your video clients. If you're a budding filmmaker, you have to have some samples that you can share when you pitch people. After all, "Everybody, including coaches, dentists, household executives, ministers, builders, etc., sells and everything is selling," as the good Zig Ziglar said. 

Find props for your indie film or video with virtually no budget or limited funds

Find props for your indie film or video with virtually no budget or limited funds

This is the final preview chapter of the No Budget Guide To Filmmaking: The 30-Step Guide For Low-Budget Filmmakers, Church Video Production, And Other Artists Who Wanna Learn To Do Other Stuff Good TooIn this chapter, I will take you through a 5-part process for finding and acquiring the props that you will need on a limited budget. Or maybe you have no budget for props in your indie film, short video, music video, company video, microbudget film, or live event videography. If you're on staff at a church and you have limited funds, you have to be resourceful. The parable of the talents tells us we need to take our dollar and multiply it five or tenfold. So buckle up, bust out a spreadsheet, and get to work!