Commercial Campaigns For Salt Lake, Utah, Clark, and Maricopa Counties


(Without Attending Networking Events, Posting On Social Media, Cold-Calling, & Creating Mounds Of Content)


I'm Jake the film guy, and I know your pain.

Have you tried the whole "video" thing and didn't see any new leads?

Were your only viewers friends and your Aunt back in Atlanta?

There's no reason your product or offer should fall on deaf ears. Millennials and Generation Z love video. People believe what they see and not what they hear! 

Let's produce a video, build a sales funnel and a commercial campaign to 

  1. find your buyers
  2. introduce your buyers to your offer
  3. and move them into your sales cycle as warm prospects

You'd love to wake up with warm leads blowing up your inbox and flooding your voicemail, right? Of course! Much like how you found this page - let's do a similar campaign for you to beef up your sales pipeline. Our commercials start at $5,000 before ad spend. 

Only want video? No problem. Just want to build a sales funnel and get warm leads? We've got you covered. Our marketer took a chiropractor from $150k to $330k in monthly collections just this past February. 

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Don't you want to spend your time with warm leads? A chance for your business to engage qualified buyers who want your product or service? I think so too. I'd love to see if I can help.

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Headsup: you need to present your offer, persist with your followups, and be able to close. We can't guarantee you'll double your revenue in a month, but we can bring more people to you, people who need your solution. Stop wasting time on social media, stop floundering around like a fish out of water, and focus your time on the people who need your offer most. 

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