Ever started out with "How much do I charge for this two-minute...?" Fed up and frustrated with vague "guides" and lame, outdated practices for pricing video production?

You're in the right place amigo.

Tired of wasting time in the followup, letting your would-be client know how much your job will cost, only to have them run for the hills?

Yep. Been there. 

Don't know what to quote? Do you undersell yourself? Are you nervous talking to your client when it comes to the price?

The Instant Quotes Calculator is your new tool in the ole video toolkit to land the four-and-five-figure jobs AND have the guts to say NO to the ones that keep you shopping at Big Lots for Raisin Bran.



A lot of people think that landing a four-figure video job is out of of their reach, as if they don't have the skills to serve someone with their unique, artistic vision.

If that's you, you're wrong.

It's about taking your God-given skill set and serving someone. If you can't manage their vision at the four-figure level, how can you and why would you ever manage a 7-figure budget to tell a story that will impact millions, if not more?


In the Instant Quotes Calculator, you'll be able to go from zero pitches to a solid pitch with a signed contract in less than 100 emails. You'll land, at minimum, a four-figure job because your time and expertise are worth it!

In the Instant Quotes Calculator, you'll get all the bells and whistles you need to create your quote that you can then email your videography client right after the first phone call.


This is a worksheet that takes you from pre-production to post-production, and it accounts for all of the time you spend as a video production artist.


I was that guy. I did wedding videos for pennies on the dollar when I started out.

You don't have to be like the young me and eat rice and sleep at attention just to make ends meet as a video producer - nor should you.

That first call with a client is your chance to educate your client and present yourself. And it's practice. Do you want to be the next Nolan or Hitchcock and tell amazing stories? Behave like they would - start acting like they would today and bury the lip service.

In other words, practice, practice, practice.


So many videographers and indie video guys and gals charge too little.

Or too much!

And even when the quote is right and you think you won't be eating beans and rice for the next 17 days, you still lose your client in the process!

It's our responsibility to educate folks so they know we have costs to cover:

  • music licensing

  • merchant processors

  • insurance costs

  • per diem

  • rentals

  • time spent searching for locations and talent

  • the time spent color-grading

  • rush orders

  • customer service

and so much, much, more as you know because you live and breathe the role of a video producer. Your client doesn't! We lose jobs because we fail to communicate and educate WHAT it is we do.

Price your clients fairly and land the gigs you want to take without racing to the bottom like the rest of the global market for digital services (go see or if you don't believe me). You can do it in the first phone call with a few simple questions, regardless of the scope or nature of the video.



In the past month, I've pitched dozens of clients. Cold-emails? They're my best friend.

But getting a client's attention isn't the hard part, it's what to do once you have it.

  • I had to figure out an easy system to find clients and then reach out to them without sacrificing quality for quantity.

  • I had to fine-tune my opening pitch (can you sell your services in 30 seconds or less to match any industry - when's the last time you practiced?).

  • I had to figure out how to get clients to respond, so I started doing things other microbudgeters aren't even thinking of doing.

When I wanted a way to save time to quote a client in the first phone call and not waste anymore of their time or mine for that matter, I couldn't find a single good, comprehensive tool. I was lost in the sauce!

After years of microbudget filmmaking and pitching, I came up with the perfect resource for you.

The Instant Quotes Calculator is an exhaustive calculator for any video project, even an indie short film, that will generate a quote for your video client and let you know how much you're spending on the video itself (known as cost-of-goods-sold).


This calculator:

  • Creates ready-to-print invoices for production and post-production or production-only work

  • Computes your expenses (cost-of-goods-sold)

  • Can distinguish between for-profit, nonprofit, and church work

  • Can scale your work to match the size and reach of the company

  • Includes a turnaround factor for rush orders

  • Accounts for payment processors like Paypal, Stripe, and Square

  • Allows you to budget for cast, crew, and locations

  • Factors in all of the time spent on the phone, in-person, on Skype, etc.

  • Accounts for the time spent coloring

  • Accounts for the time spent backing up your footage

  • Accounts for per diem, airfare, hotels, truck rentals and more

  • Allows you to budget for Facebook ads

  • Includes optional photography services

  • Has built-in margin for hiring and using a virtual admin to find video clients


I know that the Instant Quotes Calculator is going to transform your videography.

I truly believe that first conversation with a video client is the most crucial one. Why invest four more minutes in their project, if at the end of the day, you can't make ends meet?

If you're ready to stop hiding behind your reel, sharpen your business skills, and show people your attention to detail, then pick up the Instant Quotes Calculator.

WAIT: Shoot an email first and let's set up a time to chat. Let's make sure this is a good fit for your video production!

After you've done that, and you want to use this worksheet to stop guessing what to charge, then to get in on all of the action, check out through Paypal (with or without an account).



  • You will know your gross profit margin (I don't advise anything less than 60%).

  • You will know if it's a 4-figure job or not right away.

  • You don't have to scramble to make an invoice afterward - you're already filling it in during the first phone call, so all you have to do is email it over when you get off the horn.

  • You need to practice your pitching skills. Practice, practice, practice! How will you ever grow as a filmmaker without practicing your pitching?



I know you can sympathize. reddit alone (yes, reddit is lower-case) is inundated with videographers who wrestle with what to charge.

Most of us are creatives, dreamers, and storytellers, and the reality is... what separates us from the Christopher Nolans of the world is the ole budget.

That's really about it. The Nolans have proven they can handle a whopper of a budget. We haven't. Not yet.


Listen up my fellow microbudgeters, in order to grow as a filmmaker and handle the 8,10-figure budgets, we have to prove we are faithful with the 4-figure budgets. And the 5-figures. Etc.

Here's what I and the team are committed to at Church Films: equipping you, the microbudgeter, to manage a 4-figure budget.

It’s an attitude shift. First, believe you’re worth it, and second, treat each client like a big studio exec. It honors them, and each working relationship where you practice leading and elevating your team gets you one step closer to the film you've always wanted to be a part of.


If nothing else from this landing page, adjust your attitude when it comes to producing downtown videography!



Purchasing this tool is not an instant download. You will get your worksheet within 72 hours of purchasing it. Because it is a worksheet, and it is not an app, not yet, you will first sign an Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA). 

This works to protect us and our proprietary tool, and it lets you have the peace of mind that we won't be parading your quotes around. They're yours, and without your explicit approval, we will not use your quotes in case studies. These two purposes are what the NDA will see to.

Now, this tool works when you do.

I cannot guarantee you will make $1000 in less than 100 cold emails. But if you do the work, if you're honest, and if you are legitimately passionate about telling stories, then you will find a client who wants to work with you. A lot of responsibility lies with you, such as your integrity, your ability to communicate, your willingness to listen and be humble, and so on so forth. Because these factors vary widely from person to person, I cannot guarantee results, revenue, or even clients lining up outside your door.

This tool is not a guarantee of earnings. 

However, if you present yourself and are transparent with your client, and if you genuinely want to tell their story so that they might better connect with their audience, then this tool will help you get there and land the four-and-five-figure budgets you are equipped to manage. 


I'm so confident in the amount of work and testing that has gone into this worksheet, that I believe it is worth every penny, and I believe you as a microbudget filmmaker need this in your arsenal. That's why I'm offering a 14-day refund period.

I'm not going to do some cheap, sleazy, drawn-out refund process designed to get you to give up either. I have a family and responsibilities too.  


If you're not digging the Instant Quotes Calculator for any reason during the first two weeks, we'll refund you. All you have to do is email Shalom and say, "Hey, I want a refund because of ______________."

This is my wife, Shalom. She'll take care of you.

And that's all there is to it. Email Shalom, and we'll refund you. There will be no arm-twisting, no battery of questions, nothing. We want you to succeed in your craft, and we want you to be equipped to tell amazing, authentic stories of life change, and that's why we are here. 

Keep creating Bold Nation.

- Jake