1-1 Coaching: Raise $5,000 and more for your short film


1-1 Coaching: Raise $5,000 and more for your short film


The one thing that helped me more than anything (outside of prayer and grace) was coaching because I was awful at sales. "All of life is sales" - who said that?

I knew how to shoot and edit, but I couldn't walk an investor through the pitch let alone close them on supporting my films. Because of the coaching I had in 2016, I quadrupled my video production revenue, landed my first 5-figure video production contract, and raised $8,567 for our short film Powers & Principalities.

Sometimes you just need someone to walk with you.

SUPPORT: E: info@churchfilms.com | P: 702-907-0220

Set Up Your Hour Of Coaching

Here's what you will get-

  • Two times a month for every month you get coaching, you and I will have a half hour Skype call:
    • How do you build your pitch deck?
    • How do you get it in front of investors?
    • Who are your investors?
    • How can I get several thousand dollars for my film?
    • How do I followup with my investors? 
  • Weekly homework assignments 
  • Weekly checkups to make sure you are on track by phone or email

If you are looking to just shoot the breeze and you won't take responsibility for yourself, this is not a good fit for you, and I will fire you in a heartbeat. 

We all have responsibilities - families, homes, cars, budgets, jobs - bury your lip service and use your God-given passion in the manner it was intended. If you want to shoot a film with a budget north of $5,000, I'll help you get there. 

Refunds: There are no refunds on this service.