Video Production Pricing Tool - Editable Google Sheets (Not An Instant Download)


Video Production Pricing Tool - Editable Google Sheets (Not An Instant Download)


Ever started out with "How much do I charge for this two-minute...?" Fed up and frustrated with vague "guides" and lame, outdated practices for pricing video production?

You're in the right place amigo.

Tired of wasting time in the followup, letting your would-be client know how much your job will cost, only to have them run for the hills?

Yep. Been there. 

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Let's break the ice - here's an introductory video from yours truly.

Don't know what to quote? Do you undersell yourself? Are you nervous talking to your client when it comes to the price?

The Instant Quotes Calculator is your new tool in the ole video toolkit to land the four-and-five-figure jobs AND have the guts to say NO to the ones that keep you shopping at Big Lots for Raisin Bran.

NotePurchasing this tool is not an instant download. Read below.


This calculator:

  • Creates ready-to-print invoices for production and post-production or production-only work

  • Computes your expenses (cost-of-goods-sold)

  • Can distinguish between for-profit, nonprofit, and church work

  • Can scale your work to match the size and reach of the company

  • Includes a turnaround factor for rush orders

  • Accounts for payment processors like Paypal, Stripe, and Square

  • Allows you to budget for cast, crew, and locations

  • Factors in all of the time spent on the phone, in-person, on Skype, etc.

  • Accounts for the time spent coloring

  • Accounts for the time spent backing up your footage

  • Accounts for per diem, airfare, hotels, truck rentals and more

  • Allows you to budget for Facebook ads

  • Includes optional photography services

  • Has built-in margin for hiring and using a virtual admin to find video clients


Thank YOU for your awesome video production calculator. It’s such an efficient tool!

- David Tran

What I love about the tool is that I can make consistent quotes with honest and integrity, plus there's enough wiggle room to account for variables and it puts me in charge of what I'd like to make on a project.

- Jacob Lincoln

The pricing worksheet has saved me the most time in just being able to get accurate numbers on the fly to give to clients. I can create an estimate on the spot to use those numbers in my sales, whereas before I had to think things through and do the addition game in my head.

- Justice Goble

No headache, no time-consuming research for creating a "good" quote. Your worksheet made my life so much easier in regards to pricing projects. Thank you for the huge value you provide to us for a very small price.

- Jordy Levastois

Jake has created a video production pricing tool that will keep you honest and profitable. For far too long we have undervalued our productions. This tool reminds you of your worth and value. It's worth every penny! I've been doing this a long time - this is so headache-free!

- Christina Faith

Having used the Instant Quote Calculator myself, I can say that the tools that are incorporated into this handy tool are worth much more than the price tag. The ability to quote your client quicker and more confidently, is crucial. Not only is this a quote calculator for production, but it will calculate travel, crew, rentals, and postproduction costs. Everything you need, in one handy tool.

- Julian Rodriguez


WATCH why and how you can start charging $1,000 and up for your services as video producer.

Would you rather read or watch another video? Read here fellow filmmaker.


Purchasing this tool is not an instant download. You will get your worksheet within 48 hours of purchasing it. Because it is a worksheet, it needs to be set up for you. The tool is yours, and without your explicit approval, we will not use your quotes in case studies. An NDA can be signed if you'd like, but it is not required.

Now, this tool works when you do. If you do the work, if you're honest, and if you are legitimately passionate about telling stories, then you will find a client who wants to work with you. A lot of responsibility lies with you, such as your integrity, your ability to communicate, your willingness to listen and be humble, and so on so forth. Because these factors vary widely from person to person, I cannot guarantee results, revenue, or even clients lining up outside your door.

This tool is not a guarantee of earnings. 

Please note: to cut down on accidental purchases, you will receive a confirmation email once you purchase this; if you truly want to have this pricing worksheet setup and you did intend to purchase this worksheet, please respond to the confirmation email. Once, I hear from you, I’ll get your sheet set up, but please allow for up to 48 hours, especially if you order on a Friday or a Saturday. Thank you!


I'm so confident in the amount of work and testing that has gone into this worksheet, that I believe it is worth every penny, and I believe you as a microbudget filmmaker need this in your arsenal. That's why I'm offering a 7-day refund period.

I'm not going to do some cheap, sleazy, drawn-out refund process designed to get you to give up either. I have a family and responsibilities too.  

If you're not digging the Instant Quotes Calculator for any reason during the first two weeks, we'll refund you. All you have to do is email Shalom and say, "Hey, I want a refund because of ______________."

And that's all there is to it. Email Shalom, and we'll refund you. There will be no arm-twisting, no battery of questions, nothing. We want you to succeed in your craft, and we want you to be equipped to tell amazing, authentic stories of life change, and that's why we are here. 

Keep creating Bold Nation.