E-book: Nobody Told Me There Was Mustard On This Sandwich


E-book: Nobody Told Me There Was Mustard On This Sandwich



If you, fellow microbudget filmmaker, purchase and read Nobody Told Me There Was Mustard On This Sandwich, then you will

  • Go from one-man-band shoots to real shoots with a cast and crew and moving parts
  • Be able to take full responsibility for their mistakes and their crew’s mistakes
  • Learn how to teach and train their cast and crew to also assume responsibility           

Because this book will

  • Provide specific examples of people who owned their mistakes and people who did not own their mistakes
  • Outline a simple but practical way to diffuse conflict by assuming responsibility
  • Build microbudget filmmakers’ confidence in their ability to teach and equip their cast and crew


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I want to teach you, fellow microbudget filmmaker, how and why you must level up your filmmaking by taking responsibility in all things. This isn’t some theoretical book; it’s chock full of examples, good, bad, and ugly from our time leading teams.

The 16 chapters use very simple language and illustrations to push you in the direction you want to go as a filmmaker. The hard skills like story-telling, cinematography, and a killer sound mix are crucial to filmmaking, but the soft skills like leading, ownership, and accountability are what separate the wantrepreneurs from those who are in the trenches. Let’s face it - how many sets have we been on where leadership points the fingers? How often do we work with those individuals again?

In this book, you’ll learn:

  • Why you must take ownership for all mistakes, yours and your team’s

  • Why your filmmaking career depends on this skill more than any other

  • Practical, actionable steps for taking responsibility

  • What hard questions you need to constantly ask your team about your leadership

  • What to avoid with cast and crew who always blame everything but themselves


If you're a budding filmmaker, if you're ever tempted to make excuses, if you're unable to cobble together a team, start with you. You must accept responsibility in all things, good, bad, or ugly. If you want to grow and reach multitudes with stories of hope, pre-order this book and save!


If you’re wondering what the heck mustard has to do with accountability, leadership, or filmmaking, I’ll get to that in the book. What started as an offbeat joke became a serious idea when my wife and I decided that while we may not be as learned as John Maxwell or as wise as CS Lewis, we have been leading small microbudget film shoots and teams for several years now, long enough to notice that responsibility is an issue. Hopefully, you’re reading this because you are a microbudget filmmaker, and you want to grow in your leadership. I’ve had to grow into this role, and I learn every day what it means to care more about the people around me than I do myself. It wasn’t until I met my wife in Utah and started studying film full time that I started growing in this process of leading others, and more importantly, being responsible to and for others. A huge part of this is owning up to mistakes, and not pointing the finger at others.

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