Tools and Resources

Here is a list of all the resources I use and have used to build Church Films. A lot of folks will blow up the affiliate links on this kind of page; I promise I'll keep them to a dull roar. 

I want you, the storyteller, to finance and market your story to the masses who need to hear it, so feel free to ask any questions.


Cardone U: if you are struggling with prospecting, followups, sales, and closing deals, this is the program for you, with on-demand training for blowing up your video production business. I quadrupled my revenue in 2016 because of Grant Cardone. As Grant says, the best investment you can make is in your self. If you want to get in on his program, shoot an email over. If you're bootstrapping your business, you need to multiply your time as soon as possible. This service provides a robot assistant to handle scheduling appts. I fired it up in November of 2016, and I love the time it saves. 

VideoBlocks: Great for stock videos - NOT. Okay, I've used a few, but the real gems of VideoBlocks are their After Effects templates. A flat $99 is all it takes for a yearlong subscription through my affiliate link (normally $149). If you count the man-hours, the subscription pays for itself (and then some) with only ONE job that requires 2d-animation.

Leadpages: If you need to create optins, landing pages, or any other kind of announcement / signup form, Leadpages is cake and it integrates with all of the major email services, like...

MailChimp: If you're brand new to collecting emails (if you're a filmmaker, you should be emailing your audience WEEKLY), then get started with MailChimp for free.

Squarespace: I know most of the world uses Wordpress, and you can too, but Squarespace is very easy to use, even for the non-coder (this guy). 

Vista Print: You should be handing out your card to everyone - make a bold claim: I'm John, The Nebraska Film Guy. Be bold. Be courageous. Get some cards and treat every outing as an opportunity to serve someone!

1and1: These guys have worked with me for 2 years now and offer great deals on domain names.

Amazon Cloud Drive: If you're shooting video, you need this cloud storage service. 1 TB is a reasonable $59.99.

OneDrive: Like Amazon Cloud Drive, but less clunky. Space is limited to 1 TB with their basic plan at $6.99 a month. Plus they give you Outlook and cloud and desktop versions of MS Office.


Ecamm Call Recorder: This plugin is great. If your'e going to be podcasting, get this plugin. It automatically runs in the background so you can Skype and have your conversation recorded. 

Adobe CS6: I know the rest of the world has jumped on the cloud bandwagon, but CS6 is still very useful.

  • Photoshop
  • Illustrator
  • Audition
  • After Effects
  • Premiere Pro

PluralEyes: Syncs footage; this is a huge time saver when working with multiple tracks and clips.

Skitch: You can't beat this little app from the Evernote team. You can markup and doodle on any image and then export your new image in a flash.



  • Macbook Pro 2013 16GB RAM
  • SanDisk 1 TB SSD



  • Blackmagic Pocket Camera
  • Canon Rebel T4i



  • Slider
  • Shoulder-rig
  • Follow-focus
  • Manfrotto tripod


  • Various Softbox lighting
  • Speedlite flash unit
  • Came TV Fresnel
  • 1000w softlight